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Download Splatoon 2 for IOS


Iosbetagames is proud to bring you Splatoon 2 for IOS. Now you can enjoy this addictive and colorful game in your Ios devices like Iphone, Ipod and Ipad. Splatoon 2 for IOS is a team based third person shooter developed and published by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch and for the first time For IOS and Android.


Splatoon 2 for IOS is a multiplayer third person shooter where you can take control of a character which are know as inklings and use colored ink to attack the enemies and conquer their territory. You can attack them in humanoid form or even transform into squid form to swim through their ink of your own color to move faster. Splatoon 2 for IOS is a simple yet addictive game, Choose your team and your color and spray the entire map to win against your opponents. Have different strategies to win a game as the more ground you spray your color the more your chances of winning increases.

In Splatoon 2 for IOS you can play online or even in local lans with your friends. Its a simple game that anyone can play yet its one of the most addictive and entertaining game aswell. Splatoon 2 for IOS consist of 8 players in a game 4 on each side, the team with the most area covered with their color in a set amount of time wins the game.


Download Splatoon 2 for IOS now and enjoy this entertaining and colorful game in your IOS devices. Play 4vs4 with your friends or go online to challenge different players around the world. Just click the download button below and start splashing opponents with color and conquer their territory.

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