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Download Outlast 2 For IOS

Iosbetagame is excited to announce that it has brought Outlast 2 For IOS. Now enjoy this epic survival horror game in you iphone, ipad or ipod in any IOS devices running 7.0 and over IOS. Everyone is playing Outlast 2 these days and now you can play it as well in your IOS device.

Outlast 2 For IOS is a survival horror game developed by Red Barrels. It was released on 25th of April 2017 for PS4, XBOX one, PC and IOS. Outlast 2 For IOS is a horror game with a great story and gameplay that will give you chills just playing it. Outlast 2 For IOS follows the story of a journalist named Blake Langermann and his wife through the Arizona desert in order to explore the murder of a pregnant women.

In Outlast 2 For IOS Blake and Lynn go on to explore the mystery of a pregnant women but due to a helicopter crash they get separated. Blake has to go find his wife Lynn in a village that isinhabited by a sect that believes the end of the world as we know it is coming.

Outlast 2 For IOS follows the found footage characteristics of the previous game. The player cant fight and can only defend itself through following the scripted scenes just like the previous Outlast. The players can run, walk, crouch, jump, climb and hide in lockers in order to protect themselves but they have to worry about their stamina bar as when they run out of stamina they tend to be slower and exhausted which will result in them being caught.

So download Outlast 2 For IOS and enjoy this amazing yet scary game that will have you at the edge of you seats. You can download and enjoy this by just clicking the Download button bellow.

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