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Download Football Manager 2017 for IOS


Iosbetagames is proud to bring you Football Manager 2017 for IOS. You can now play this popular football simulation game everyone is talking about in your iphone, ipod or your ipad. Football Manager 2017 for IOS is a football management simulation game developed by Sports Interactive and published by Sega.


Football Manager 2017 for IOS brings you the real life management experience for you in the palm of your hands. Now fulfill your dream of managing your favorite clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich and plenty of other real life big clubs. Football Manager 2017 for IOS provides players with real life difficulties that a manager faces in the real world and its upto the players to solve those problems. Help a small local club reach the top and get scouted by big clubs and manage your favorite clubs and win all the trophy available to them.

Football Manager 2017 for IOS features a wide variety of clubs that the players can choose from. Start from the bottom and reach the top. Scout for young promising players and make them a superstar in the future. Help players reach full potential by giving them proper playing time. Get the best out of players by playing them in a proper position and appropriately rotate the squad in order to avoid injuries and fatigue. Help the club you have chosen be the best by winning trophies.


Download Football Manager 2017 for IOS and enjoy this wonderful football simulation game. Be the manager of your dream club and win games and trophies to be the number 1 club in the world. Just click the Download button below and begin this epic journey.

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