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Download Far Cry Primal for IOS


Finally Iosbetagames is proud to present Far Cry Primal for IOS devices. You can now Enjoy this awesome action adventure game on any IOS devices like your IPhone or your Ipad. Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. Far Cry Primal for IOS is an open world action adventure game and is one of the most popular games of our generation. Ubisoft Far Cry Primal for IOS is the first Far Cry game in the series that is set in Stone Ages, so expect plenty of pre historical animals and surroundings.


Ubisoft Far Cry Primal for IOS follows the journey of Takkar who is just a hunter but ends up being the leader of a tribe. As Far Cry Primal for IOS is set in prehistoric time you cannot use guns and cars like previous games in the Far Cry Series. Players can use weapons such as axe, spears or cubs and ranged weapons like bow and arrows. The famous method of crafting is also available in Far Cry Primal for IOS, players now cannot buy their weapons instead they have to craft them. As the game progresses the players can craft more dangerous and lethal weapons.

In Far Cry Primal for IOS the players have to collect different ingredients in order to craft weapons and other various items. They can collect those ingredients from the vast open world or from the wildlife. The players can also collect ingredients from the wild life, they can either bait and kill the animals for items or can tame and control them so that they can help the players during missions in the future.

Download Far Cry Primal for IOS and enjoy this awesome game in your IOS devices. Follow the epic journey of Takkar as he becomes the leader of the tribe while encountering various difficulties in his journey. Have fun playing the first pre historic Far cry game and see some of the most amazing surroundings and wildlife that had habitat the world many decades ago. Just click the Download button below and start off this brilliant and epic journey.

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