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Download Battlefield 1 for IOS


Iosbetagames is proud to bring you Battlefield 1 for IOS. Now enjoy the most popular FPS game of the year in you iphone, ipad or ipod. Battlefield 1 for IOS is a first person shooter game developed by EA Dice and publish by EA, it is one of the most critically acclaimed games of our generation some even consider it the best FPS game ever. Battlefield 1 for IOS goes against other fps games right now as it is set in historical World War rather than any Futuristic War.


Battlefield 1 for IOS is set in WW 1 and is inspired by some of the historical events. As its set in past the weapons are also inspired by the one used in world war one like the bolt-action rifles, automatic and semi-automatic rifles, artillery, flamethrower. Players in Battlefield 1 for IOS can also use armored vehicles like tank, train, boats, airships and they can also travel through riding a horse which is a first in any FPS game. The campaign mode of Battlefield 1 for IOS has a huge environment so that the players can move around more freely and can choose variety of paths to complete the mission. Players control several characters as the progress through the game, each individual has a different story in there journey of the war. If a character dies than the player skips to the next character rather than playing from a recent checkpoint.


Download Battlefield 1 for IOS now and enjoy this historical and beautiful FPS game. Play some of the great warriors of World War 1 and relieve there epic battle for their country. Battlefield 1 for IOS has the most beautiful graphics and some of the most entertaining gameplay ever. Just click the Download Button below and play Battlefield 1 for IOS.

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